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A Guide To Brazilian Steakhouse Terms

One of the greatest pleasures in life is getting to taste and experience food from different cultures. That’s why we decided to bring a Brazilian barbecue restaurant to the people of Maple Grove. Owned by a native of Brazil, Grill Hall Churrascaria is known for its delicious food, impeccable service, and inviting atmosphere. But perhaps what people love most about Grill Hall is the ability to try new and exciting dishes, close to home.

If you’ve never been to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant or you’re unfamiliar with Brazilian food, you may not know some of the terms commonly used. In today’s post, we’re here to help explain the meaning of many of the terms you’ll come across while visiting a Brazilian restaurant so when you do visit, you’re prepared to dive in and place your order.

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We call our restaurant Grill Hall Churrascaria, and the term Churrascaria means a place that serves food in the traditional Churrasco style. What is Churrasco-style? Churrasco is the Portuguese word for barbecue. To learn more about the history of Churrasco, continue on to the next Brazilian term.


Churrasco, the Portuguese word for barbecue originated in the 1600s when ranchers would cook seasoned beef on skewers in open pits in the ground. Today, it generally refers to any meat that is grilled. Brazil, as well as many other South American countries still enjoy Churrasco to this day, all with variations depending on the country or region you are visiting.


A gaucho is the Spanish and Portuguese word for cowboy or skilled horseman. In fact, the gaucho is a national symbol in Argentina, Brazil, and other South American countries. Today, we call the people who serve you the delicious grilled meats in our restaurant “gauchos”.


This is the term used to describe one of the most popular cuts of meat in Brazil and its a staple at most Churrascarias. Pronounced “pick-AHN-yah”, it’s a prime cut of the top sirloin and is prized for its juiciness and flavor. While you may have a hard time finding it in your local meat market or superstore, it's something you just have to try when you visit a Brazilian barbecue.


A traditional Brazilian sausage usually made out of ground pork and beef, linguiça is often seasoned with garlic, paprika, and a touch of cayenne pepper. Pronounced “lin-GWEE-sah”, it’s often served at Brazilian dinner tables accompanied by rice and beans.


If you’re looking for the perfect complement to the rich flavor of your grilled meat, you might want to try this national cocktail of Brazil. Made with cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice, this refreshing drink is prepared with sugar and lime juice and can really pack a punch!


This term refers to the style of service at many Churrascos where the customer pays one price and then the gauchos circulate among the tables serving a variety of meats from their large skewers.

Other Brazilian Food Terms

Although not necessarily common to Brazilian steakhouses, there are many other popular dishes and accompaniments that are common in Brazilian cuisine. Here are just a few of them.


Like churrasco, feijoada is another main dish you can find just about everywhere in Brazil. It’s essentially a pot of black beans that have been cooked with various chunks of meat and it’s the ideal comfort food. It’s traditionally served with sauteed kale or collard greens and rice.


If you were starting to think that all Brazilian main dishes included meat, we understand, but that assumption isn’t entirely correct. Moqueca, pronounced “moo-KEK-a” is another popular dish that’s essentially a fish stew made with diced tomatoes, onions, coconut milk, and coriander.


This is a flavorful sweet treat similar to flan, but with added coconut flakes. Flan is a simple, yet delicious dessert made with eggs and sugar, and if you’d like to try some, you can order it at Grill Hall.

Experience Delicious Brazilian Food For Yourself at Grill Hall

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of some of the most common Brazilian food terms. Now all you have to do is experience them for yourself! At Grill Hall Churrascaria, we take pride in sharing the best of Brazil using only the best ingredients and meats that are skillfully grilled to perfection.

If you’re looking for a new place to go for a family dinner or a celebration with friends, we would love to have you. We offer free meals for children six and under and we now serve wine, beer, and liquor. Check our Facebook page for current updates regarding our hours and dine-in availability during COVID-19. We look forward to seeing you!