Looking For A New Restaurant In Maple Grove? Try Grill Hall Churrascaria

The greater Minneapolis area has some pretty interesting and some fairly delectable new restaurants. Counted among those should be the Grill Hall Churrascaria in Maple Grove. With a complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu available and as a family-style all you can eat restaurant, we provide everything you know you want from a dining experience, and so much more.

In today’s blog from your local Brazilian steakhouse, we will introduce you to our menus and walk you through some of the best reasons why when it comes to new Maple Grove restaurants you want to try, Grill Hall Churrascaria should be at the top of your list.

Visit us today to discover our incredible Brazilian and American cuisine, or use our OpenTable reservation system to make a reservation with us. Let’s get started.

Spice It Up

How many times have you been talking with your significant other about where to go out to dinner tonight and said something about trying, “that new Italian place in town?” Nothing against Italian food, we just think that when it comes to eating out, you’ve more than likely had your fill of Italian, Greek, Chinese, and sushi restaurants. But what about Brazilian food?

If you’re looking for something different, something unusual, and something delicious, then the traditional-style Brazilian food from Grill Hall Churrascaria might be exactly what you are looking for.

With prime cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and lamb all slow-cooked over open-pit fires and seasoned in the style of the gauchos — Brazilian cowboys — our food is going to be a refreshing, and tasty alternative to spaghetti and meatballs.


Even though we offer an elite dinner menu based on classic cuts and cooking styles of Brazil, we also serve up some of the best Continental breakfasts and lunches that you’ll find in Maple Shade.

Our breakfast menu is outfitted with classic, quick-order hot plates of your favorite breakfast classics, omelets, and house specialties like stuffed hash browns, country fried steak, and any of our to-die-for benedicts.

Whether you are looking for a relatively fast-casual dining experience before starting your big day or you want to soak in the rest of the morning with brunch with friends, Grill Hall Churrascaria is here serving up the good stuff.


When it’s time to get away from the office or to have a working lunch with your team, Maple Shade’s best burgers and sandwiches can all be found at Grill Hall Churrascaria.

With one-third-pound ground beef patties and homemade sides, we take the middle of the day to continue to all-American culinary traditions that we start our morning off with.

That also includes traditional sandwiches like clubs, B.L.T.s, grilled chicken, and a Reuben, as well as some specialty items found only at Grill Hall Churrascaria such as our famous Polish sausage sandwich and our one-of-a-kind egg salad sandwich.

Complete your lunch with hot, fresh-made soups and a classic lunchtime side.


Dinner is where the gaucho pants, the grills, and the guys with the big knives and the beautiful cuts of meat can all be found. Our traditional-style Brazilian dining experience begins with a trip to the endless salad bar that will be quickly followed by a parade of our servers bringing delightfully seasoned and perfectly cooked meats directly to your table.

See and smell everything on our menu before you have to let us know if you are interested in trying some, and never feel bad about a second, third, or fourth round of lamb chops at our all you can eat churrascaria.

From traditional Brazilian cuts like pinanha — a portion of tender beef rump — to more modern local favorites like bacon-wrapped chicken, you’ll have no shortage of choices or quantity when you dine with us for dinner.

Make A Reservation With Us Today

We’d love to show you in person why we are one of the very best restaurants in Maple Shade, so make sure to get a group of your friends, co-workers, or family members together and make a reservation to dine with us. Or, you can stop by earlier in the day for breakfast or lunch, too. Either way, we can’t wait to serve you up the mouth-watering foods made with care, quality ingredients, and love in the Grill Hall Churrascaria kitchen.