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Why Grill Hall Churrascaria Should Be the First Restaurant You Visit

The spring of 2020 has been a challenging one for sure. With nationwide closings of restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, movie theaters, and just about every other gathering place, most people long for the day when things can get back to normal. At Grill Hall Churrascaria, we understand how you feel, and miss seeing the friendly faces of our loyal customers. So, when it’s finally safe to open our doors again, we look forward to serving you once again. Here’s why we think we should be the first Maple Grove restaurant on your list to visit!

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Social Atmosphere

Many people are feeling the effects of being cooped up at home with social media as the only means of interaction with others outside of their household. They can’t wait to venture out, once again, to share a meal and everything that’s been going on in their lives. There’s no better place that we can think of to share that first social meal than at Grill Hall Churrascaria. We designed our restaurant to be a welcoming place that brings people together. We want you to bring your friends, your neighbors, and even your neighbor's friends to linger over a delicious meal while you enjoy the company of others. While we may have to wait just a bit longer before it’s safe to welcome you in, we know that when you return, you’ll enjoy our family-friendly, fun-loving atmosphere that much more.

Great Food

By now you’re probably tired of eating from a box or binging on snacks and empty calories. For those of you who aren’t afraid to get in the kitchen, you’re probably tired of eating those same three dishes you know how to cook. When you can finally venture out of your dining room and into ours, you’ll be sure to appreciate the Brazilian home-cooked favorites we have to offer. From flame-grilled meats like pork ribs and bacon-wrapped steak to fresh salads and delicious desserts, your taste buds are sure to jump for joy.

And did you know that little ones eat free at Grill Hall? That’s right — you can bring the whole family and it won’t break your budget! Children ages six and under eat for free. Even picky eaters will find something they enjoy, between the dozens of offerings on our salad bar and the variety of beef, chicken, pork, and more!

Unique Experience

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to make Grill Hall the first Maple Grove restaurant you visit once it’s safe to do so is that we offer a unique experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. We provide a fun and interactive atmosphere where our Gauchos, or servers, are always standing by to accommodate any request.

Eat as much or as little as you want, and best of all — stay as long as you want. We won’t rush you to eat your dinner and then try to hurry you out the door. When you dine with us, you’re part of our family, and family is welcome to stay as long as they like. Ready for more? Make another trip to the salad bar, or signal to your gaucho that you’re ready for one more serving. Then, sit back, enjoy your meal, and toast your health and good fortune over a glass or two of your favorite beverage.

Grill Hall Churrascaria — A Little Bit of Brazil in Maple Grove

While you may not be able to make a reservation just yet, we encourage you to visit the Grill Hall website and browse our menu to start planning your visit. Check out our selection of hand-crafted meats prepared in the traditional Brazilian style. Learn about regional favorites like linguiça sausage and beef picanha, if you’ve never had them before. Just one look at our menu will have your mouth watering.

If you want to keep up-to-date with what is happening at our restaurant, such as when we are planning to reopen, please visit our Facebook page. And, when we do open and you’re looking for a Maple Grove restaurant to enjoy, we hope you’ll visit Grill Hall Churrascaria. We look forward to seeing you!