You Don’t Have To Like Beef To Love Our Brazilian Steakhouse

People in Maple Grove are enjoying having a little bit of Brazil right here in Minnesota. Grill Hall Churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant where meats are grilled to perfection and served to customers by Gauchos. Although this term was originally used to describe the South American cowboys who invented this style cooking, our present-day gauchos are here to serve you as much as you’d like of any of our delectable grilled meats.

Although Brazilian steakhouses are known for serving copious amounts of beef like Pichana, ribeye, filet mignon, and other cuts, what if you’re just not that into eating beef? At Grill Hall, we want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and enjoys their meal so that’s why we also offer many other options for diners who prefer something other than beef. Check out our menu or keep reading to learn more.

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The Other Red Meat

Whether you don’t care for beef, or you’re just not in the mood for it, you’ll be happy to know that we also offer several types of lamb. You’ll get your fill of this other red meat with your choice of lamb steak, lamb chops, and even roast leg of lamb. Each one is perfectly seasoned and cooked just right for a tender and juicy meal you won’t soon forget.

White Meat

If you prefer to avoid red meat, or you just have a taste for something different, we also have plenty of white meat options to choose from. Try the pork loin that’s been delicately roasted and encrusted with cheese. Or, maybe you prefer poultry. If so, you have to try the bacon-wrapped chicken breast - it’s savory, smoky, and delicious!

No Meat

Although our Brazilian steakhouse specializes in grilled meats, we can still accommodate those who wish to keep their dinner light with our all you can eat salad bar. Choose from a large variety of crisp vegetables and refreshing salads, all prepared fresh. Need something sweet to provide the perfect ending to your meal? We also offer a selection of homemade desserts including the popular chocolate mousse cake and cheesecake and some Brazilian favorites like flan and papaya cream.

Come For The Food, Stay For the Company

Whether you’re the type of person who wishes they could eat steak every day, or you like a little more variety, everyone can find something they like at Grill Hall Brazilian steakhouse. Unlike other steak restaurants where you may be rushed to eat your meal, at Grill Hall, we want our customers to enjoy their dining experience and take advantage of having the time to spend with family and friends. In Brazil, meals are long, drawn-out social events where you can relax and share good conversation. We hope that when you visit us, you’ll take the time to try some new dishes while reconnecting with those who are important to you.

Make Your Reservations Today

At Grill Hall, we encourage you to take the time to celebrate the little things in life - good health, good food, and good company, and we hope you’ll make us part of your celebration. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a much-needed night out, or an informal weeknight meal, Grill Hall is the perfect place to go.

Check Our Facebook Page For Current Updates

Right now, the current health pandemic is not allowing many restaurants to operate as usual. Before you plan your trip to our restaurant, we encourage you to get all of the current updates about our dine-in and delivery options by visiting our Facebook page. Even if you can’t dine at our restaurant right now, we hope you’ll be able to visit us again soon. We look forward to seeing you!