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Your Guide To Meat Cuts Served At a Brazilian Barbecue

Brazilian barbecue or Churrasco first became popular over 400 years ago by ranchers who would cook their meat on skewers in an open fire pit. Today, people all over the world still enjoy great food prepared in a fashion that’s reminiscent of this tradition. If you’re new to Brazilian barbecue, you might have some questions, especially surrounding the types of meat that are served. In today’s blog, we want to explain some of the most popular cuts of meat used in Brazilian barbecue so you can be fully prepared to enjoy a wonderful meal. Keep reading and if you’re interested in trying this exciting dining experience for yourself, we hope you’ll try Grill Hall Churrascaria in Maple Grove.

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When you visit a Brazilian barbecue, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that there are many beef choices on the menu. These aren’t your typical lower-grade meats that are often served at restaurants and are dry and tough, the cuts of beef used at a Brazilian barbecue are top-quality and prized for their rich marbling. Because we use premium beef, we simply sprinkle it with a light seasoning, and then our masterful chefs cook it over an open flame. You simply won’t get a more delicious, more flavorful, juicy piece of beef anywhere.


Of all the cuts of beef you’ll find at a Brazilian barbecue, Pichana is by far the most popular. It’s a prime cut of the top sirloin, and it’s prized for its juiciness and flavor. Although Brazilians love Pichana, it’s difficult to find and relatively unknown in the U.S.That means you’ll definitely want to take advantage of trying it when you visit our restaurant.


Otherwise known as back ribs, costela bovina are large and meaty and are some of the most flavorful cuts of beef. In the U.S. pork ribs are frequently found on the menu, but in Brazil and some other South American countries, beef ribs are preferred. At Grill Hall, we simply season them with salt and then allow them to slow cook over an open flame to render them tender and juicy. If you’ve never had beef back ribs this way before, you must try them!

Other Meats

Linguiça Sausage

Many countries have their own kind of specialty sausage. In Spain, they call it Chorizo. In Germany, they call it Bratwurst. And in Brazil, it’s linguiça. There are virtually hundreds of different ways to make sausage, and every chef or home cook has a different recipe. Traditionally, linguiça is made with pork, although sometimes it can be made with a mixture of both beef and pork. Spices often include garlic, paprika, and cayenne pepper, although not too much to make it overly spicy.

Pork, Chicken, and Lamb

Every Brazilian barbecue is different when it comes to the types of meats served besides beef. At Grill Hall, in addition to several different types of beef cuts, we also have chicken, pork, and lamb to choose from. No matter what you choose, all of our meat cuts are hand-selected and expertly prepared for a sumptuous and delicious taste that will keep you coming back.

Try Something New — Try Grill Hall Brazilian Barbecue

When it comes to dining out, you have a choice — you can go to the usual places where you can have the same old uninspiring meal, or you can take your tastebuds on a flavor adventure and come to Grill Hall Brazilan barbecue. Variety is the spice of life, and we encourage you to expand your culinary horizons. Food is not only meant to nourish the body but sharing a thoughtfully prepared meal with family and friends can nourish the soul. Come see what Brazilan barbecue is all about — make your reservation at Grill Hall Churrascaria today!